Invisible Rocket, Inc. was founded in January, 2015 by Russell Williams and Brian Colin. As long-time friends, they realized they shared the same client vision, and teamed up as Mammoth Ideas prior to forming Invisible Rocket. Mammoth Ideas had five amazing years as an Atlanta agency. They started small, grew, evolved, experienced and learned a ton. Russ and Brian realized that was not the best path for them and closed up shop. Like a phoenix soaring from the ashes, Invisible Rocket is blasting into the future. We are here to give you the boost of creativity that will propel your brand. We will elevate your success seamlessly and behind the scenes.

Business Model

Invisible Rocket has adopted a Hybrid Agency business model. We seek to have the flexibility of a large agency with the overhead of a small studio. Rocket focuses on nimble, tech savvy, and collaborative talent. If we are unable to conquer a task, we partner with the best people to work on projects for which they are most suited.


As a small studio, Invisible Rocket, Inc. can’t always do everything our clients and their projects need. However, Rocket has working relationships with other small companies that can help ensure that each aspect of a job gets done by the best people for the job.

Rocket has had the pleasure to work with a great group of companies – many of whom could help make your project bigger and better than you could imagine.
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