We like to think that we do a good job for all of our clients that we work with. At the same time, we don’t usually like to make ourselves seem too awesome. So, sometimes we find it easier to let other folks share their experiences after working with us. Below are a few client testimonials from people that we have worked with over the years.


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Brian and Russ designed and built our company website in less than two weeks. They listened carefully to our business goals, shared alternative solutions with us, and then rapidly built a site that exceeded our expectations. Russ and Brian show a very high level of caring towards their clients, and their work for us is always on time and on budget.Shona Seifert
We are privileged to work with world-class talents worldwide and still find Invisible Rocket to be a superb partner. Invisible Rocket moves with the speed of a gazelle. I take every opportunity to recommend Brian and his team, and those I’ve recommended have been similarly delighted.John Englehart
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
FIDO Global LLC[/one_fourth][one_fourth]bry-roth
We appreciate Invisible Rocket focus, quick turnaround and response times, and collaborative design process.Bry Roth
Corporate Communications
The Wendy’s Company[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]david
We were introduced to Brian by a mutual friend and boy are we glad we were. Brian is the consummate pro. Efficient, concise in communication, and expeditious in delivery of creative. Brian was able to work in a collaborative manner, which was very important to us and problematic in the past. We are looking forward to our continuing relationship with Brian and highly recommend his creative talents to those seeking a visual edge in the marketplace.David Artman
Velocity Products Inc
Brian is a very creative guy and has given me many creative ideas countless times. I have used him with multiple website and logo designs and will continue using him. The value and thought he brings to the table is extremely beneficial. I would recommend Brian to anyone.

Aaron Stoddard
Atlanta Executive Space
Brian’s attention to detail, motivation, and dedication to his work shows through in everything he has done for us here at Liberty. I assume Brian knew little about our industry, which is property management and real estate. Between his research efforts and ability to work with me and my staff he was able to develop, design, and create our entire marketing package. This included a brand new website, which he also optimized for excellent search engine results and a variety of print material, from packets and folders to booklets.Our website traffic has more than doubled as well as our page views. I can say we have gained notoriety, popularity, and sales as a direct result of Invisible Rocket. I recommend Brian without hesitation, his creativity and tireless work ethic puts Invisible Rocket above and beyond his competition.

Will Deissroth
Business Specialist
Liberty Community Management
I have worked closely with Brian at all stages of various projects. There are three things that always impress me about him. First, Brian is remarkably efficient. If a junior designer struggles with a problem for an hour, Brian can step in and solve everything in a few minutes. Second, he is a master of design tools. He is the person in the office who knows so much about Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc. that everyone turns to him when they have a question or don’t know how to do something. Third, his communicative skills are such that he can soothe a frantic client with a few words over the phone. He also knows the right questions to ask to find all the needs for a project. In addition, he knows how to manage and mentor interns and freelance designers with finesse and aplomb. I would recommend Brian as a freelance designer without hesitation.

Shon Stafford
Marbles Media

Brian’s creativity paired with what I can only describe as super-human motivation make him an asset to any design or creative firm. His ability to “keep his head” (and remain positive and considerate) in the midst of any creative challenge is impressive to say the least. I welcome any opportunity to work with Brian, as he truly brings much more to the table than just a long list of skills and abilities.

Scott Cathey
Scott Cathey Design[/one_fourth_last][one_fourth_first]rob
Brian is smart, strategic, adaptable, insightful, and professional. Having the skills of a designer and the experience as an account manager certainly makes him a strong asset to the creative world. He is an excellent designer with a strong level of creativity and imagination. Brian understands the importance of building and maintaining relationships, making him a great leader. I can endorse and recommend him without hesitation.

Rob Baker
Brand Advocate
Brian and his team at Invisible Rocket are among the best in the business. With their expertise in creative design, expedient turn around time, and clear communication, we feel lucky to have them as part of our value added services.

Joe Giovinco
GeoTrade Global Marketing