Located west of Atlanta

The Invisible Rocket secret headquarters is located in West Georgia where it harnesses the power of the internet to have an overarching reach to the world.

  • The Solution Seeker

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Founder / Designer / Developer / Strategist

Brian Colin is the creative force leading Invisible Rocket. He approaches every company’s needs with the mind of a truly creative problem solver. Brian never sees problems; he sees solutions.

From design to account management to coding, Brian has done it all… and his skill set just keeps growing! He excels at not just hearing what a client wants but truly listening in order to get to the core of their needs.

Brian has unparalleled integrity in business and work ethic. He strives to be a motivator, geek supreme, and hero.

Contact Me

Thanks for your interest in contacting Invisible Rocket. If you need to get in touch with me quickly, please call the office at 404.890.5959. If you have any questions or would like to request more information about what I can do for you or your company, please fill out the form below.